More Space, Less In-House Storage


While having your own cloud-based server is a great way to run a business, it’s not something that will work for everyone. And, because we don’t have a ‘one-size fits all’ ethos, we also offer virtualisation abilities.

Virtualisation gives your business its own, separate space on the cloud. You’ll get all the security, speed and access you need, but, it will be completely managed by our IT experts, day and night, without any instruction from you.

Why Virtualization?

The benefits of virtualisation include:

  • Handing over any server and network responsibilities to the RightPath team of experts.
  • Reliable, robust and responsive network from your employee’s PCs.
  • Secure data and file storage.
  • All the space and responsiveness you need without the separate management a private cloud requires.

The RightPath IT experts can help you decide on whether your business needs it sown cloud private cloud, or of virtualisation is the best option. While they’re similar, they’re not exactly the same and we can help you distinguish which would work best for you.

Do more in your business, with less office based network space, today.