Firewalls, Regular Reports, Reliable


Want to run your business without worrying about the security of your business, IT networks and employees? With RightPath you can do just that!

At RightPath, we know security is about so much more than your IT Networks and that’s why our assessments are designed to uncover any problems across your entire business. We analyse your entire business network with a comprehensive IT systems scan, assessment of your business network configuration and questionnaires. The results then form a 6-8 page report detailing any security issues we uncover. They can include:

  • Old PCs and laptops still joined to your business domain.
  • Systems with missing patches or out-of-date security updates.
  • Any firewall misconfigurations
  • Lack of content filtering.
  • Detailed breakdown of AD security group membership.
  • External issues putting your network at risk of data loss or business disruption.
  • Old user accounts that haven’t been correctly disabled.

As you can see, we don’t just implement the most stringent firewalls or ensure your system configurations are perfect for your needs. We take a holistic view of the security of your business and work to ensure everything is as safe as it can be. We do that, by assessing your business for potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities of the system that could be open to human exploitation. RightPath’s knowledge and understanding of how your security could be breached, on any level, is how we discover and eliminate threats, before they impact your business!

RightPath’s years of expertise ensures your network is always protected from the many – and growing -threats that are out there. The RightPath business and network security solution:

  • Reports identifying any hardware or software failures.
  • Identifies rogue employees, quickly.
  • Keeps viruses and unwanted users out of your business.
  • Blocks harmful or unsafe sites, with smart filtering and rules.
  • Allow company users to safely utilize mobile devices with MDM management.
  • Works to ensure you security and other aspects of your data are all completely compliant.

In this way, we help ensure your business and networks are safe and secure and only available to the right people.

Get in touch with RightPath today and have all this for one, cost-effective monthly fee.