Client Spotlight - Merrimack HS Football

Building communication and community support

The football team from Merrimack High School was successful, but wanted and needed more participation with social media and their online presence. As we all know, when it comes to setting up and creating a website, children and parents couldn’t come together with being on the same page in creation of this new attention grabber. Parent’s work schedules just added to the many problems faced by the school. We were able to step in and establish a website that gives guests the opportunity to learn more specific information about each and every player and member of their coaching staff. This could not be achieved by the existing site.

Merrimack obviously wants to out their best foot forward and gives their fans and viewers a chance to connect and visualize the team. Therefore, we understood how extremely important that the money spent on our software offers a digital platform for pupils, family members, residents and all others to feel a connection upon access to this site. The main factor when dealing with any form of sports is appealing to the fan base that may increase volunteers and recruiters who may be looking for well-rounded students that would be a great addition to their team. The team's image among its partners begins the way the team is showcased within a good program.

With that being said, we have been able to incorporate various features that showcase how great of a program this football team really is by adding:

  • Mobile-view site
  • Images/videos of plays from each player
  • Detailed descriptions of each player and coach highlighting their strengths
  • Direct links to social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Easy manageability for the school’s staff and volunteers to update the site


Without these simple additions, the team was never able to showcase their talents or who they actually were to give fans and viewers insight on these coaches and students. We have now been able to enhance the image of the team and give them better quality of having an online presence. Who wouldn't want to give their fans something to talk about? The navigations in the access networks have greatly improved the reviews of those who visit the new website without the hassle of spending the extra time finding the group and their social media platforms.

Marketing for Merrimack Football will now be less complex as coaches, team members, family, and fans can now give a direct link that showcases the team’s talents and biggest accomplishments. The best part about the site is knowing that the volunteers working with the team can update the site whenever is needed and control the information that’s posted even if they have very little knowledge updating content on websites. It is our firm belief that in addition, the online presence of the football team at this high school will increase dramatically.