Client Spotlight - Manchester Firing Line Range

to educate and bring awareness of firearms for a safe experience

These days, firearms have become more prevalent to be in the hands of just about anyone who can own one. Every day, we see many reports about people misusing firearms for their own enjoyment or various other reasons. What if they could learn the proper training to reduce any mishaps that may occur in our world today? Proper training and knowledge have been proven to save the world so why wouldn’t we do the same with firearms that have been proven to be a tool that is so powerful? Manchester Firing Line has proven itself to be a one-stop shop for customers to purchase, learn, and gain insight on these powerful tools.

In order for MFL as to be as efficient for customers, the ability to access their content online should showcase exactly what a person is planning on getting themselves into before actually ever even stepping foot into the building. Over the years of studying online experiences and having a great online presence, we noticed that people gain more trust of a company when it’s presented in a way that is nice and neatly put together. With that being said, viewers are now able to get insight to the company and who they are by just a few clicks.

Some of the site’s new features include:

  • Online automated booking system
  • Direct access to the company through a contact page
  • Online training for site controls
  • Editing services at any time with any browser
  • Promotions and automated Facebook ads and banners

The ability to create this platform for MFL has made all the difference. We believe the site has created every difference when it comes to better appeal in the firearms business. They’ve been given the ability to offer more innovations in the firearms industry than most other companies that sell their products and services. In this era, we understand the importance of having an online presence that people can connect with. With the evolution of technology, building this website only made them one step closer to gaining new customers that are tech-savvy and love to use the internet when conducting business fairly quick.

Personally, our first reaction when we learn about a company first is to join them online, read feedback, comments or visit their page and get a feel for them. We believe we have built the best quality and loyalty of new and returning clients to Manchester Firing Line and its facilities. The information that customers have available is exactly what is necessary to build trust and conduct meaningful business. Making these adjustments and adapting to the new world makes all the difference.

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