Client Spotlight - ChopShop's online presence needs to be FIRST ready!

Merrimack FIRST Program looks to RightPath to rebuild their web presence

Merrimack’s High School Robotics Team, “Chop Shop,” is a team that focuses on the emphasis of understanding and enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through various events and programs. Being the school’s FIRST Robotics Team, their online and social media presence has to be engaging. What team that works with technology wouldn’t want to have engaging content for its viewers?

The biggest goal of this team was to showcase the importance of the members, who they were, and what they could do. From there, those that were intrigued by their performance could learn more about them and even reach out to members and attend the ongoing events that are held every year. In doing so, RightPath has been able to implement:

  • Calendar that’s easily updated for team events

  • Direct links to social media platforms

  • Informative page diving into the team and their history

  • Contact page with direct access to the site’s handlers

  • Description page of Chop Shop’s sponsors, media, and team job descriptions


The creation of this platform would be extremely useful for the Robotics Team, as the information provided by Chop Shop gives a clear idea about their specialties and work they plan to do in the future. Now, the website allows advisors to upgrade the website as much as needed without interruption or question. It has shown that this is the largest improvement. Even though advisors may have issues not understanding how something can operate on the internet, they get online training to instruct each participant on how the platform operates and how many features. It ensures that the school never needs assistance if it is not required.

To reach viewers and get feedback from other teams and communities, the Chop Shop Robotics team needed this update. This page is a one-stop shop for people who want to know more about the school's team. Anything used for an online presence was now linked to a single platform that the group can always monitor. Their involvement and opportunities in social media are infinite from here on out.

To learn more about how RightPath took FIRST's ideas and mission click here to download our case study.